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Our positive mantras - Self Acceptance

Self-acceptance is the awareness of and satisfaction with one's strengths and weaknesses, the non-judgemental realistic assessment of one's talents, capabilities, and general worth. When we're self-accepting, we're able to embrace all facets of ourselves—not just the positive, more "esteem-able" parts including body acceptance and understanding our own ‘unique-worth”. Building self-acceptance is critical to wellbeing and mental health. Benefits of self-acceptance include increased positive emotions, sense of freedom, self-worth, autonomy, and self-esteem. Strong self-acceptance also decreases fear of failure, and self-critique, depressive symptoms and an overwhelming need for approval. The activities sourced and designed provide opportunities for children and students to explore and practice self‐acceptance. Learning to be more attentive to the thoughts and beliefs (especially judgments) will support positive relationships.

I am all that!

Accepting ourselves means accepting all parts of the self (qualities and flaws) and continuing to value oneself. In this activity students explore their individuality by investigating all the parts that make them who they are! Every ‘body’ is unique and students get to represent their body and unique traits in their drawing.

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Year 1 to 3

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