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People do not learn kindness by only thinking about it – kindness is mostly an action and a behaviour; therefore, kindness is best grown by doing! The Kindness Curriculum can assist in instilling the genuine values of kindness from an early age and can help young people reap the associated physical, emotional and mental health benefits.

The Kindness Curriculum has developed, sourced and collated activities that teachers, schools and parents can use to scaffold inquiry-styled conversations with students and build knowledges associated with kindness. Activities for prior-to-school, early years, primary school, middle school and senior students explore 12 scientifically proven drivers of kindness. The activities have a clear rationale, a set of learning outcomes, a sequence of learning steps and embedded resources and are suitable as standalone activities to explore, investigate and address kindness from a social emotional learning lens.


Go to the website the Kindness Curriculum.


Peruse the opening pages of the Kindness Curriculum website and discover information about: kindness research, kindness attributes, professional learning and much more.


Search activities on the Kindness Curriculum page by Attribute or Age dropdowns.


Click on the activity you want to use! View the activity online or download and save the PDF.


Use the activity with your chosen group of children or students as developed and written, or adapt to meet the needs of your class and context.

How can you contribute to the kindness movement?

  • Embrace the Kindness attributes and activities and embed into your teaching
  • Become a “Kind school” and build a kind community – ask us more @
  • Share the Kindness Curriculum with your teaching colleagues
  • Log your acts of kindness at Kindness Factory
  • Engage with kindness and generate change for the future!

Log your act of kindness at the Kindness Factory.

Visit the Kindness Curriculum and make the world a kinder place.

Click here for Printable PDF or Digital PDF